About me

Balogh Böbe, sminkmester

What comes to your mind if you think of “SÖT”? Briefly it means my portfolio in Böbe Balogh style.

With the help of well-known artists, experts I had the chance to learn different fields of make-up artistry as fashion, film and theater. My studies covered the different styles of making make-up (natural, occasional, retro, ethnic, etc.) and making hair-style (wig) as well.

Besides getting several years of experience, the volume of orders, customers and tasks increased what inspired me to develop my own website by the time in order to be available directly for my clients. It gave me the chance to serve the requests of private customers as well, what can be a wedding or any other events where I can add my professional experience and my own ideas to make it more successful and meet the needs of my clients.

Böbe Balogh